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Forum rules


Section ½, pre-ramble

Section 1, conduct.

A.) Doxing of any sort including any of the following will result in an instant ban with your account password being changed to “trouble maker”. Furthermore all IP addresses logged with your account will be released alongside the email you used to register.

  • Unwanted photos.
  • Phone numbers.
  • Unkowncheats Accounts.
  • Discord Accounts.
  • Names of any sorts.
  • Any personal information.

    B.) “Hate Speech” is not easily defined so there is no limitation on what you are allowed to say. This does not exclude you from any other forum rules such as Section 1, C (self promoting, botting, and spamming).

    C.) Spamming, Botting, or self promoting anything that is not related to the following will result in your account being limited to viewing posts only.

  • Containing links to other sites that are not related to this site or subject at hand in comments or account details will result in limitations to your account.
  • Spamming messages in a thread is not allowed and will result in limitations to your account.
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