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#1 2020-01-25 22:12:30

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Cracked Rust "Script" "Executor"

Shitty Rust Script Executor, Use at own risk.

1) Open the .exe
2) Use anything to login
3) Enjoy

Cracked Version  : One_Click_Universal.rar_Cracked
Uncracked version : One_Click_Universal_Uncracked.rar
How it's cracked? Rather easy, these kids are using some free auth system called

The .exe is not packed at all and you can easily read all their code by using DNSpy
As you can see they look for User, Pass, Hwid, aid etc...
but if you're smart you can see it only looks for a catch result of success, and then gives back yes or no, you can crack this shitty "cheat" on 2 ways, you change the catch result to true, and still have it go through their auth. Or you remove the api, and change the result to true, ofcourse we don't want them niggas be logging our IP and what else not they be taking from us, so we remove their api call
By no means hard at all, now all that's left to do for yourself
Is changing this part to true
and tada, you've got yourself a free cheat.


#2 2020-01-25 22:38:49

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Re: Cracked Rust "Script" "Executor"

very nice thank you! smile



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